Money Guides for Ragnarok Online Classic

Hi everyone, this webpage contains guides on how to make money in the MMORPG Ragnarok Online. The guides are aimed at players of the OriginsRo Server, which as of the time of writing is on the 10.3 (Abyss Lake) patch. However, most of the information should be applicable also on other Ragnarok Servers, so long as they do not yet have the renewal patch (any patch above 14), which drastically changed many systems in the game.


Classic Ragnarok is a very grindy game. Even when you are going fast, it will take several hours in the game until you achieve anything. If you want super quick gratification or less grind, play on a post-renewal server or a high-rate server or go for a different game altogether.


To make money in Ragnarok, you should learn how to use the tools at you disposal to trade with other players. Also, you might want to make a merchant class character for vending purposes. Once you have done so, you should start to explore Wolves, Mandragoras and Toy Factory 2 as money making spots. Later on, you could make a monk to farm money at Sleepers.